Friday Q&A: Who Can Use the Name "Yoga for Healthy Aging"?

Q: Who can use the name "Yoga for Healthy Aging" for their yoga classes? 

A: The short answer to this question—which we get asked a lot—may surprise you: absolutely anyone. We don’t have a copyright or trademark on the phrase “Yoga for Healthy Aging.” So, if you or someone in your community wants to have a class or workshop by that name, you can. 

However, only those who have taken our teacher training program and have been certified as a Yoga for Healthy Aging teacher use the phrase “Certified Yoga for Healthy Aging Teacher” in their class listings and advertisements. 

And I like to request that if you are not certified but are inspired by our work and use information, sequences, etc. you get from our blog and book, we would appreciate it if you credit us in class listings and advertisements. You can do this by including any of the following phrases (or something similar): 

“Inspired by the book Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being by Baxter Bell, MD and Nina Zolotow”

“Inspired by the blog Yoga for Healthy Aging, co-founded by Baxter Bell, MD and Nina Zolotow” 

“Inspired by the book Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being by Baxter Bell, MD and Nina Zolotow as well as the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog.” 

And when you use your phrase in online material, we’d appreciate it if you would include the links to our blog and/or book information. 

Thanks so much for asking about this and we really appreciate your consideration and respect. 


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