Explore different types of yoga

Yoga is generally understood as the consolidation of a process. This merger will be a lot. With a dimension of life, including physical, mental, and spiritual systems, including the human, there are a variety of systems integration. Overall, this is believed to be a person's life, including the five systems. Usually, the physical energy, mental, subtle and capes koshas, ​​to be called happiness. According to the current understanding of yoga, we are working for the consolidation of the five bodies or layers. Another process of consolidation will arise between individual intelligence and common sense.

This merger is a mixture of many and is one of the major changes in the practice of yoga. Take a look at the other side, around the world, it is enough to be upset, in fact, is seen in the form of the truth behind the net, so we have a change of perception. Yoga, as a system, through the consolidation and development of elements of your being followed in different sectors have been developed. Every branch determined to attain fully integrate the complete process, and will retain its own unique ideas.

Every exist between people to meet the needs of different characteristics and personalities, have their own separate identity, because, right or wrong, the system of yoga. Each system is designed for the purpose of taking into account the various types of individual and almost no one is interested in spiritual life and yoga practice has become a complex system. Being aware of the practice of Bhakti Yoga feelings towards a certain sense for someone who is good, but in practice the same Jnana Yoga, it is ideal for someone with a point of view. This article yogic spiritual tradition of yoga is more dominant review. Yoga and traditions of this 500-year-old men as well as young and old. there is determined by a number of teachers in many modern yoga practice, even if we have many systems, from generation to generation, there are traditional systems will be discussed.

Bhakti Yoga system, we first consider Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti yoga and spiritual practice within the mind and heart of the state, is aimed at the development of practice. Bhakti yoga You are self-abiding, is expected to be submissive to God, because it must have a strong faith. Therefore, Bhakti Yoga and methods for the delivery of the self and the love of the Creator is designed to help. Bhakti yoga is often practice settings (singing / song), Jhapa (god), and repeat the mantra is to think about.

In general, the practice of Bhakti Yoga, as well as their feelings in themselves and others, as well as carefully associated with those feelings is recommended that they work with. Officers determined to devote his entire being, spiritual love defines the practice of Bhakti Yoga. For a belief in God or a higher being is very important, but it is not, it is almost impossible to practice Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti devotion coachs, slavery is not a god. On the contrary, it is full of love, friendship, and friendship. Bhakti yoga, rather than as a lover, a friend, a parent. This is Bhakti Yoga is using this approach. There are many aspects of devotion Bhakti coachs; including the worship of Shiva, yoga, there are many ways to God, Vishnu, Brahman, Parvatti etc. In addition to the types and nature of God is worshiped guru or teacher, as well as in practice. The main objective of this activity is to the ego, and is linked with the total personal self-help.

Karma Yoga Karma, we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions are a part of human life. It's our inspiration, and in the universe equal to the balance of the latest developments in the world of action and was moved to start another life cycle of birth, believed in Karma Yoga. If there is no karmic merit accumulated waste or stops the cycle of birth and death and the spirit of God is universal to our own origins. The impact of the private practice of karma yoga, directly and with a disciplined effort to overcome the consequences of karma, and to the main aspect of life

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