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I have good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news. it was an attempt to steal a man. And now the good news, and it is impossible to restore. Many experts say that yogis or yoginis are called, but he adopted the practice of yoga and a wonderful experience, and they were not authentic. Blessed are they Shmogis (Ginis) or false yogis! This Shmogis spreading myths about the many activities and the many who tried to yoga and yoga and want to retire.

Yoga around the world more than 4,000 years and is trying to work with men, women and children. Yoga unite and unify the mind, body and spirit. Why, then, suddenly, he is solid formulations would be wonderful, mysterious rituals or physical miracles?

Yoga postures to name a few aspects, including physical, scientific research, warnings, and encompasses recognition of the integrity, intelligence and reasoning. In fact, I offer general guidelines, and I think that the benefits of yoga and roads. Like the following, but this is only for those with specific ways of yoga and all other visible from the search engines has become a legend. We have some young, beautiful, and as something to be Acrobatic yoga portraying why should we consider?

I discovered yoga and how you can, too

In 2000, he moved to Sao Tome in the country to New York for a rare cancer mother suddenly changed from the pain of losing. During that time, he had no job and no permanent resources, and the physical, mental and spiritual destruction, which led to other crises to deal with. I decided to yoga as a stress management strategy. I was alone at home, because I used that money to go to the studio, and others did not want to expose myself. Gradually, I realized that many yoga poses physical services.

Not once, because I was very well aware of their purpose or spiritual components'm lost. I am working on different types of practice, Videos, textbooks and other literature and learning. I'm very stubborn, so I made my own experience, I decided to customize it according to my personal and financial issues. Yoga as an integral part of my life in my early stages of exploration, he was still ten years and more. Also used in Western countries, but in learning yoga, and a few curves from the truth. .

Exposing the myths of others, and sometimes I feel abused, conditioning, yoga shmogis and gift industry. Many well-meaning professionals sincerely believe that this legend will continue and further exacerbating the problem. There are completely different reasons, and in each individual case study yoga and the path of their choice. some myths, and then convince you in the past, maybe now you can have a rightful place in the world of yoga.

practicing yoga, obstacle to the general population Myths

Yoga: I have nothing to do with the exchange of power or position of trust. However, you will not be able to, and should be capable of doing yoga. If you have the opportunity to pay some research. Justice, justice, and you can do something within their means manifestation, then you can use yoga studios. Such a measure is, of course, is better than paying a high price. This can be as a solo practitioner. You have a variety of resources are available, and some are listed below. While circumstances vary, you can choose to study cobra

And the mysterious activities: some individuals or groups are not afraid of many search engines on the mysterious rituals and young yoga, try to hide it. Yoga, as well as anything with the many opportunities must be open to anyone of any level to bring many benefits and the physical, mental, and spiritual. Within 5 minutes of yoga that you want to be quiet or difficult days can be as simple as finding a place to sit. the idea is chosen and not others.

You must be thin, super flexible and supernatural: any age, size and physical condition who can not do yoga. Common yoga poses. Therefore, it is important when you're doing yoga, one is called a sign with his hand mudras, or a simple breathing exercise.

: do you believe only with a specific type of yoga can be explored, and many kinds of postures, breathing, meditation, there is the small mining

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