Yoga Ashram to present yoga spiritual tradition

Yoga civilization with the tantric tradition that occurred approximately 10,000 years ago. Tests for 10,000 years, archaeologists found after excavating the grounds of the city is reminiscent of the tradition of the many monuments Shiva and Parvati dedicated to the gods of the Indus Valley culture. This tradition in several parts of India was at its height, a pre-pre-ARIA, on yoga. Many of the articles in this issue is the central figure is the founder of Shiva like a yogic system is the fact denoting historical doctrine.

yogic tradition, Shiva, traditionally viewed as a sign of high emotion. Power teammate and free higher education, and action is Parvati. Since the universe is, approximately, as well as responsible for the creation of all. This force or energy is also known as Kundalini Shakti, and every living creature in the shadow of cosmic force. Rusty is a mother as well as the entire universe. His grace and guidance from world issues, freeing people who are responsible for the release of the soul. Concho human love and affection for them and their children are taught by Parvati. Was a continuation of a form of yoga, tantric system. Then Shiva and Parvati, so integral to TANTRA, and is the yogic system.

TANTRA tanoti and trayati derived from two Sanskrit words. Trayati and tanoti translated literally means expansion. Then we TANTRA in the body known as Shakti assume that increased energy consciousness and science. TANTRA body in order to achieve freedom from identification with the physical world, and it is associated with the objects.

TANTRA we pursue the path of understanding and release restrictions and physical and mental capabilities and primary data collection. After this is limited, we may ultimately lead to the release of energy within the body, began to explore the development of consciousness. It spread after different amounts of personal feelings and encompasses the entire universe is released into the general consciousness.

The old yoga

For a long time, in the history of yoga works with a system of secret and public methods. In ancient times yoga teachings and practices of oral tradition, was written on parchment or number. They are only revealed through the teachings of the yoga guru disciple relationship, as well as the practical and spiritual methods to the study. With a clear understanding of the close relationship between the Guru and the disciple's spiritual teachings of this system has been very productive and useful. This yogic system attaches great importance to personal experience, and spiritual guru and techniques that can help to eliminate any confusion or ignorance of the correct way, and drew water. The management guru and his disciples only with a sincere aspiration; They also drive the intellectual contemplation or seeking for a blessing or power yoga, yoga is not allowed access to instructional and educational.

Yoga in the book the first time that the old TANTRA drawn on paper. Later, he had also written about in the Vedas 500 was revealed. C. Bakkerini of words and symbolic representation of any practical or spiritual approach to give yoga a special link to other known system. These Vedas yogic meditation called samadhi a deep state were immersed in my sages and is considered to be sacred.

This yoga system, and began to take a lot was not until the Upanishads. Upanishads together books Vedas, many very important points, and contains the meaning of the Vedas. This is the culmination of the Upanishads Vedas say that the Vedantic.

A number of important texts in the history of yoga as the second century, Patanjali Yoga YOGA PATANJALI SUTRAS determined with reference to Raja yoga, and created a unified system of yoga, yoga techniques, philosophy and moral ideals PATANJALI called the path of yoga, Patanjali eight times. Octaves sequences

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