Yoga, yoga body, the Holy Spirit, we are also a possibility?

This is why John Friend offers a book of yoga body is easy to understand for students: "Yoga" Yoga Posture Origins today. And, Mark Singleton thesis of the exhibition, as well as explore how modern hatha yoga practice, or "posture" and he referred to as the left, after practice, internal and India have changed.

But the book Yoga in India for the last 150 years has been solved. Advocates of modern yoga-T. Krishnamacharya and his pupils, K. Patttabhi Jois and B. K. S. mixed strip lines in the European gymnastics and hatha yoga practices.

Many yogis of India, the Himalayas, not mates, they moved to the city and close to the European cultural trends. they are especially effective methods of Swedish Ling (1766-1839), including the adopted resolution "," Gymnastics esoteric forms.

Singleton and his explanation of the principal objective of the study uses yoga as a homonym for the word. In other words, depending on who uses the word yoga is the meaning of a few highlighted.

This emphasis on yoga students is a worthy enterprise; understand and accept that yoga can not be identical to my yoga. There are many ways to simply yoga.

On the one hand, and John Friend is absolutely right: it is not far from Mysore to study very hot yoga stretching from powerful homogeneous wet and comprehensive study of the historical and cultural T. Krishnamacharya's Palace in Hollywood with artificial heating Bikram studio.

 But, further, before PATANJALI yoga traditions, Shaiva Tantrics, long ago, in the Middle Ages, based on hatha yoga tradition established and well-known "traditional" reading, writing, devote a few pages to describe the history of Yoga Yoga Hatha yoga. Pradipika and Geranda Samhita.

By doing this test, Singleton Bikram sweat in hot water. So I was determined to provide for its good work directly Singleton.

Singleton, is the only project of its modern postural yoga study says. If you want to be stuck on the project, the book was praised as the best one. But, unfortunately, it is also wrong to many modern hatha yogis.

All styles of yoga, such as hatha yogis. All broadcasters are required, and equally good and proper. In addition to the namesake of cultural materialists perceive as hatha yogis yoga proud. For what? As in the tradition of his followers, they say, more spiritual and traditional yoga.

This type of secret plots, Singleton, and is a waste of time.

George Muse Comedy disagrees. Of course, India's foreign prolific scholar and respected yoga today, I think it is a uniform practice of yoga is one of those traditions: the experience of the body, mind and spirit. Thus, any modern Singleton issued by non-integral yoga Muse Comedy namesakes integral yoga distinguish the namesake of the body?

In short, yoga and a flint, aimed at a comprehensive writings on yoga practice. In general, the traditional developed over the last 5000 years of Hatha Yoga complex, pranayama (breathing exercises), Chakra (subtle energy centers), Kundalini (spiritual energy), bandhas (body locks), mantras, mudras (hand gestures), etc.

Therefore, postural yoga stem mainly focuses on the body, but also includes an integral yoga, physical and subtle and rarely used for the physical, mental and spiritual activities of one of the modern yoga studios today.

I Singleton book "Final Thoughts", which was set in the light of criticism, but if this is not even a word. In other words, this is the interpretation of the Singleton Muse Comedy yoga, criticized the mine with the representation of the type of yoga is strategically important.

selling yoga posture not only with the modern fascination with authentic yoga practice may be a forgery." And Singleton Yoga in the West Bank "was gradually stripped of its spiritual orientation, and the hall is the Muse Comedy

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